Now one of the most famous modern stoner icons, the See You Again rapper even has his own line of pot, but he admits he once vowed he'd never smoke.

"I didn't really like it at first," he tells Playboy magazine. "My mom used to smoke weed a lot, and I thought it was bad, because that's how I was programmed to think as a kid. So, for a while, I was like, 'I don't need that s**t. I ain't trying to smoke'."

But things changed when money became tight for the family and Wiz started selling weed.

"One night at the studio I was like, 'F**k it, I'mma smoke'. And then I was like, 'Damn, I love this s**t!'"

Wiz recently bought a "grow house" and has struck up a partnership with one of the biggest marijuana growers in America.

"We're gonna be manufacturing and selling, so that's why I'm gonna be trying to help get bills passed - to talk to the people (lawmakers) and explain, 'Hey, this is why you gotta do it'," he states.

Meanwhile, the Black & Yellow hitmaker insists he has never tried anything harder than weed, although he once had a "pretty "awesome" time on magic mushrooms at the Coachella festival in California.

He adds, "I don't do party drugs. I've never popped any pills. I've never done coke. Painkillers make me sick; I think I'm allergic to them.

"I tried Xanax one time, but it made me throw up, so I was like, 'Nah, I don't like this s**t'.I did lean, but it just made me sleepy. It's just cough medicine. I don't know what it is with rappers on lean, because that s**t don't help. It don't help you be creative... I think they do it and they get addicted."

Lean is drink featuring codeine-based prescription cough syrup, soda and candy.