The Black and Yellow star hit headlines in January (16) after taking to to criticise Kanye's decision to change the name of his new album from Swish to Waves, insisting the word is heavily associated with the melodic style of music made by incarcerated rapper Max B.

"Please don't take the wave," Wiz begged. "Max B is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him."

Kanye did not respond directly, but a day later, one of Wiz's tweets caught his eye after the marijuana aficionado posted, "Hit this kk and become yourself" - a reference to his own strain of weed, called Khalifa Kush.

Kanye thought Wiz was taking a shot at his reality star wife Kim Kardashian, who is famed for her leaked sex tape, and he launched into a foul-mouthed rant, during which he branded his rap rival's music "corny as f**k", and then took aim at his ex-girlfriend, former stripper Amber Rose, who went on to marry Wiz and give birth to his son, Sebastian, before splitting in 2014.

He subsequently called Wiz to apologise over the phone, while Amber and Kim met up in person to clear the air themselves.

Wiz previously revealed he had accepted Kanye's apology, telling New York radio DJ Angie Martinez "everything's all good", and in a new interview with GQ magazine, he claims he felt compelled to speak his mind about the whole Waves controversy.

"Bob Marley spoke up for what he believed in," he reasoned.

Asked if he regretted the fight, he replied, "Why would I?", before admitting the Twitter clash did upset him as his family was dragged into the furore. However, he has firmly moved on from the feud: "It's done and over with, so it don't even matter..." he explained. "When s**t don't matter, it don't faze you (sic)."

Wiz went on to reveal Kanye's call didn't last long, saying, "I keep s**t brief. But for him, it's no animosity, so it ain't even no thing (sic)." When asked if he apologised too, Wiz insisted, "I have nothing to apologise for."

Kanye eventually settled on The Life of Pablo for the title of his latest album.