Wiz Khalifa has stopped smoking marijuana at home on the request of his pregnant girlfriend.

The 25-year-old rapper - who was arrested twice this year for possession of the herbal high - has agreed to indulge his habit away from his lover Amber Rose because it ''irritates'' her.

He said: ''I smoke outside instead of inside. Everything is all about smells, man. If the smell irritates her, then it gotta go.''

Wiz - whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz - also admitted he and the model know the gender of their unborn baby but don't want to tell anyone yet.

He told MTV News: ''I do know, but then [Amber] told us not to say yet. We'll wait until she's ready.''

And the couple are finding choosing a baby name ''difficult'' - but Wiz expects Amber will have the final say in the moniker.

He said: ''We're working on it. You know how difficult that is.

''But it's all good, though. I let her have her way all the time; that's my baby.''