Kanye launched into a lengthy rant against Wiz on the microblogging site last week (ends31Jan16), after he misinterpreted a tweet sent by the See You Again star about marijuana as a swipe at wife Kim Kardashian.

During the foul-mouthed attack, the angry hip-hop superstar blasted Wiz's son Sebastian with ex-wife Amber Rose, who also previously dated Kanye, before later backtracking and apologising for bringing the boy into the dispute.

The two men have since cleared the air over the phone, with Kanye taking to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon (02Feb16), to reveal, "Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo (conversation). All positive."

Now Wiz has confirmed he and Kanye are back on good terms, telling New York radio personality Angie Martinez, "Everything's cool. We spoke, it's all good. He apologised and I accept his apology and things are good..."

He also insisted social media reports alleging he had had his pricey watch snatched by a disgruntled Kanye supporter at the height of the feud are unfounded, although one concert-goer did attempt to take his sneakers.

"I still got it (his Rolex)," Wiz explained. "Someone tried to take my shoe because I usually jump down in the pit... and they made a little rumour about it (stolen watch)..."

Meanwhile, Amber and Kim have also moved on from the drama surrounding the two rap stars by meeting up to smooth over relations. Reality star Kim later shared a snap of herself posing next to Amber on Tuesday, alongside the caption: "Tea anyone?"