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As a Chris Brown fan,.......I really truly wish he would STOP trying to defend his night in that car 3 years ago. That dude wasnt in that car fighting by himself and all these haters know it!!! Rihanna own mother said she is a Menace. Even as a child she started s**t!! Chris if you read these blogs...Cut it out!! You giving these people what they want. You are to smart and talented for thiS BS!! Miranda Lambert is a Home wrecker!! She broke Blakes happy home with his ex!! You actually answered that tramp (Miranda Lambert) and had a twitter fight with her (even tho she started it)!!! Y??? Stay humble Chris, leave the twitter beefs up to team breezy!! Thank these blogs and media for their so called constructive Nasty criticism and keep it movin' Baby!! We Love You Chris Brown...We Love YOU!!

Posted 5 years 10 months ago by liveinaglasshouse

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Paris Jackson should concentrate on her school not on stupid twitter!This girl has changed so much since her dad's death but not for good but for worse.Chris Brown is a louzy singer and copy cat he copies Michael Jackson

Posted 5 years 10 months ago by reniatko

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What's really stupid about all of these so called fans is Rhianna has forgiven this man and have moved on, so WHAT THE F--K IS THE PROBLEM WITH THESE PEOPLE. That Miranda person didn't think it was so bad that she stayed her ignorant a$$ home. It's been 3 years the time has come for ALL OF THESE FOOLS TO GET OFF THE POT. Rhianna's incident can not be changed so it's time for all of the people who is not Rhianna to stop acting like they are Rhianna's keeper and MOVE THE HELL ON!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE CHRIS BROWN THEN DON'T BUY HIS CD'S AND DON'T BUY TICKETS TO HIS CONCERTS TURN THE CHANNEL WHEN HE'S ON TV OR THE RADIO OTHER THAN THAT GET A DAMN LIFE! ENOUGH! THIS IS GETTING OLD!

Posted 5 years 10 months ago by YANNI54

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