Dutch rockers Within Temptation have been forced to leave behind their lead guitarist as they embark on their South American tour - after he failed to find a babysitter for his daughter. Founding member Robert Westerholt is father to lead vocalist Sharon den Adel's two-year-old girl Luna, who they usually leave under the supervision of friends while they tour. But the longterm couple, who started the band in 1996, was unable to find anyone to mind the tot in time - meaning the paternal rocker will have to miss out on performing to Latin fans later this month (Apr08). In an official statement, the band says, "Unfortunately, we have to inform you that Robert won't be able to go on the South American tour. "The reason is that we haven't been able to find a proper babysitter for the duration of the tour and that we are also unable to take Luna with us on this tour. "However, the rest of the band will make sure you won't miss a thing, 'cause they will make sure this first South American tour will be a memorable one!"