Sexy actress Winona Ryder has notched up another celebrity squeeze, after a night of passion in a London hotel with JAMIROQUAI singer Jay Kay.

The singer's chauffeur STEVE WILSON reveals the romp to British magazine HOT STARS.

He tells the magazine he was asked to buy a bottle of vodka for Jay to sneak into their room at the posh METROPOLITAN HOTEL - during one of Winona's trips to London - as the singer was too mean to pay the room service charge.

But Winona reportedly refused, saying "Look I'm worth GBP30 million ($45 million), I think I can afford a room service bill."

Wilson adds, "Jay said Winona was 'absolutely filthy'. When he woke the next morning she'd already paid and left. Jay said, 'That's the only time I've not been lumbered with the bill'."

13/05/2003 02:27