Hollywood actress Winona Ryder has been rudely snubbed by her defence attorney MARK GERAGOS - who failed to invite her to his Christmas (25DEC03) bash.

Geragos - who failed to clear Ryder's name of shoplifting charges at Los Angeles boutique SAK'S FIFTH AVENUE last year (02) - invited other clients Michael Jackson, murder suspect SCOTT PETERSON and rapper Nate Dogg to the glitzy bash but left Ryder off the guest list.

And sources close to the legal eagle cite Ryder's guilty verdict as the reason Geragos is trying to distance himself from her.

One whispers, "I think he left her out because he lost her case and he looked bad losing.

"He had a really bad case with her. Here's a guy who has a potential pedophile and killer on his invitation and he won't put a shoplifter on it. It's hilarious."

Gossip site PAGE SIX also notes that Geragos sent one of his fellow lawyers to accompany Ryder for a progress report on her community service that took place on Monday (15DEC03).

18/12/2003 17:14