The Beetlejuice actress formed a tight bond with Millie Bobby Brown as they filmed the creepy new Netflix series, and when the young Brit celebrated her birthday on set, Winona gave her a very special gift.

"It stands for loyalty, friendship and love and she gave it to me for my birthday," she tells Access Hollywood Live. "She has one in all silver."

The veteran refused to offer Brown acting advice but she did offer to be there for her when her hair became unmanageable.

The teenager had to shave her head to play mysterious orphan Eleven in Stranger Things and now she's sporting an adorable pixie cut like the one Ryder made famous.

"She always says, 'When you get to the stage with your hair... where you can't do anything with it... don't worry, I'll be there for you'."

Millie also reveals her pal even brought in a photo from her teen years, when she looked exactly like Eleven.

The youngster and Winona will be able to work on their friendship when Stranger Things returns for a second season next year (17).