Winona Ryder is ''overwhelmed'' by fame.

The 'Stranger Things' star burst back onto the map with a big role in the Netflix series and admits it has been tough adjusting to fame again.

She said: ''It's so overwhelming. I don't know what it's like for really famous people ... I keep hearing that people are dressing up like me [her 'Stranger Things' character Joyce Byers]. I'm like, 'What?'''

Winona was best known for her role in 'Beetlejuice' in 1988 but she was bullied at school for playing Lydia Deetz in the Tim Burton-directed movie.

She added: ''I remember thinking, 'Ooh, [Beetlejuice] is like the number-one movie. This is going to make things great at school.' But it made things worse. They called me a witch.''

Winona decided to take a break from the film industry because she was going through a ''tough time''.

She told the November issue of Marie Claire magazine: ''I did take time off. It was mutual, I think. I just went through a tough time.''

Winona may have a number of years in the industry under her belt but she felt there was more that she could learn from her 'Stranger Things' co-stars than she could teach them.

She said: ''These kids are so incredible and special and talented, and they all love doing what they do. The only thing I could sort of say to them is that getting to do the work is the reward, that life is short and you have to enjoy what you do - and we really, truly did.

''The attention and love we're getting right now is so great, and I want everybody to savour it, but also to remember that it's about the work itself. But really, I would feel presumptuous giving them any advice, because they're already so amazing. I need advice from them actually.''