Winona Ryder will never forget the day she first met director Tim Burton - because she mistook him for a crewmember.
The actress arrived for work on the set of 1990 cult hit Edward Scissorhands and was eager to meet the edgy filmmaker who was helming the oddball project.
And while looking for her new boss, Ryder hit it off with a member of the movie's art department - who turned out to be Burton himself.
She tells film bible Empire magazine, "When I first met him, I didn't know he was the director. I thought he was some guy from the art department. We were just talking and eventually, I said, 'So where's this Tim Burton guy?' And he was like, 'Er, that's me.'
"I always wonder why I have such a clear memory of that, because I was so young. And I think it's because it's so rare to bond with someone so quickly.
"I was this alienated kid who got picked on at school. I thought he was just some guy I could talk to about music. He was a kindred spirit straight away."