Reclusive Winona Ryder came out to honour Richard Gere in New York on Tuesday night (20APR04), and referred to the veteran actor as her "favourite person".

AMERICAN GIGOLO star Gere was being honoured with a Lifetime Achievement gala dinner at the American Museum of the Moving Image.

And Ryder, who played Gere's lover in movie flop AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, told her former leading man, "It's completely an honour for me to be here to honour you, Richard - my favourite person."

But it wasn't such a fun night for the private Gere.

He said, "I hate these things, especially when it's focused on me."

Ryder wasn't the only celebrity who turned up to honour the 54-year-old - Sharon Stone, Kim Cattrall, Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington were also among the guests.

22/04/2004 09:47