Former Wilson Phillips star Carnie Wilson has confessed she spiralled into an alcoholic haze two years after her gastric bypass surgery that almost cost her her marriage, in an interview on US TV The singer thought her problems were over when she shed 150 pounds (63 kilograms) after drastic surgery in 1999 but admits she simply transferred her food addiction to one of wine and spirits Appearing on yesterday's (24OCT06) OPRAH show, Wilson revealed she once consumed a bottle of wine and 10 Margaritas a day and was "absolutely crocked" when she shot her infamous Playboy spread in 2003 She explained, "I find that after people have this surgery there is a time of euphoria and you are out celebrating You wanna dance, you wanna move, you can get up and dance, you can suddenly move without sweating or being out of breath "The drinking progressed more and more and I found I was getting drunk very fast and I was getting sober very fast and it was frightening because I saw myself going down a dark spiral very quickly " But, after driving home drunk from a shopping trip in Los Angeles, Wilson confronted her husband Rob Bonfiglio and asked him to tell her if she was an alcoholic Bonfiglio recalls, "We really wanted to start a family and we were five years into our marriage at that point and she was really kind of in the whole alcoholism stage and I said, 'You're either gonna sober up and be sober for a little while before we start trying to have a baby, or I don't really see us going anywhere What's the point?'" Sobbing Wilson told show host Oprah Winfrey she hit rock bottom at that point and has been sober ever since She added, "I wanna be the best mom I can be, that's why I'm clean I'm clean for my daughter I got sober and three weeks later I was pregnant "