The That '70s Show star was born in Miami, Florida and moved to Venezuela and Colombia as a child. He is of Colombian and Venezuelan descent and recently joined the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking America campaign in an effort to shine a light on his multi-cultural story.

"I feel like there are three sides to me," he tells E! News. "I feel like a third of my heart is Colombian, a third of my heart is Venezuelan, and the other third, which has become my spirit and my soul, is of an American here in the United States.

"The campaign has an interesting responsibility for us to continue to retell our story and continuously be proud of our heritage," he adds. "We must continue to walk in the shoes of who we are."

The 36-year-old explains his upbringing gave him an opportunity to soak up different ways of life.

"I think I have a fusion of both Colombia and Venezuela," he continues. "I was raised in Venezuela, but I also spent half of my life in Colombia. You know this really gave me perspective, and I was able to come to America with both perspectives. It helped me to work as hard as I have been since I got here."

"There are little differences," he explained. "Like two different arepas (dough) from both Venezuela and Colombia. It's kind of fun to have both."