THAT '70s SHOW star Wilmer Valderrama is producing a film about a real-life New York City nightclub service which allows people to pay to be treated like VIPs. PARTYBUDDYS, which was founded by James King and JASON ROEFARO, ferries clients, primarily out-of-town businessmen willing to pay hefty fees, to Manhattan hot spots. The hosts help them get past velvet ropes and into VIP rooms where they are treated like celebrities. Roefaro claims the clients feel like "they're Paris Hilton or DIDDY", and that one recent group of businessmen from Minnesota "hired fake paparazzi to photograph them getting in and out of the limo." He adds, "They also had their own velvet rope and red carpet they carried around with them." Valderrama, who is regularly seen out on the party circuit, will produce and possibly star in the project. He says, "When I first heard about these guys, I knew their story would make an original comedy about fame and friendship."