THAT '70S SHOW star Wilmer Valderrama has no regrets about revealing details of his Hollywood conquests on shock jock Howard Stern's radio show in March (06), because he was just being "playful". The 26-year-old claimed Lindsay Lohan was one of the best girls he's ever slept with, Ashlee Simpson was loud in bed and he rated Jennifer Love Hewitt an "eight" out of ten when it came to sex. However, Valderrama claims he was only messing about to please Stern's listeners. He says, "This is what I have to say about the Howard Stern thing. "When you go on Howard you are in his home. And I allowed myself to be playful about a lot of subjects and topics. Eventually such topics were paired up with certain names. "Obviously, we know the media loves to get a little confirmation of a story line, and that is all they needed and they ran with it. "I don't really have a real opinion about it anymore. I am so past it already." During his appearance on Stern's show, Valderrama also claimed he is "blessed" when it comes to penis size, and he revealed he has videotaped his sexual escapades on numerous occasions, but erased the tapes to keep them from being linked on the internet.