Actor Wilmer Valderrama has shared his growing wealth from hit comedy THAT '70S SHOW by purchasing plush homes for himself and his family.

The 24-year-old screen hunk, currently dating FREAKY FRIDAY star LINDSAY LOHAN, earns $100,000 (GBP55,000) an episode for his role as FEZ, and decided to use some of his cash to upgrade his parents, two sisters and four-year-old brother to a posh new house in California's San Fernando Valley.

Valderrama has also bought himself a five-bedroom mansion nearby, which boasts a guest house, screening room, double-sided shark tank and secret passageways.

And while the Venezuela-raised actor also enjoys a growing passion for luxury vehicles, Valderrama insists he leads a relatively simple life, and doesn't smoke, do drugs or frequent strip clubs.

He also refuses to attend his sitcom co-star Danny Masterson's weekly poker nights, explaining, "I hate giving money to my (already-wealthy) co-stars."

24/08/2004 09:25