LATEST: Actor Wilmer Valderrama insists he did nothing wrong when he talked about intimate sexual escapades with top Hollywood stars on shock jock Howard Stern's radio show on Monday (27MAR06). The THAT '70S SHOW star discussed taking Mandy Moore's virginity and having sex with stars including Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt. When Stern asked if he had had anal sex with Love Hewitt, Lohan or Moore, he answered, "Yes...Yes, I told you Howard I don't want to lie to my fans." Stern asked what it was like to take Moore's virginity and Valderrama replied, "How do I put this politically... It's good, it's really good." The actor then went on to discuss his penis size claiming, he is "a little over eight inches" saying, "Yes, I am cursed with this gift." He also admitted to group sex sessions and making sex tapes, but doesn't see anything wrong with talking openly about his sex life. Valderrama insists, "I didn't say anything to jeopardise my friendships, so I don't want it to be misconstrued. "We were being funny and sarcastic."