Review of Oxygen (Virgin Records) Single by Willy Mason

Willy Mason

Willy Mason - Oxygen (Virgin Records) - Single Review

Willy Mason


(Virgin Records)

A piercingly pungent four minute plus synopsis on social trends and modern society in song form, is delivered with the deft raw vocal touch of Willy Mason reminiscent of Adam Green. Colourful Acoustic accompaniment punctuates each point Willy makes about life, as the mature lyrics (for one so young: 19 years old) fires home positive points that could even invoke a social conscience in Rubert Murdoch;

Willy Mason - Oxygen (Virgin Records) - Single Review

“I wanna see through all the lies of society

To the reality, happiness is at stake.

I wanna hold up my head with dignity,

proud of a life where to give means more than to take”

What iscompelling and eye catching about the youthful Master Mason, is the sincerity with which he sings and the utter belief in his lyrics that he purveys. Willy Mason breathes life into poetic acoustic music and injects someexistence affirming beliefs into his listeners.

David Adair