Whip your hair back and forth? Willow Smith will have trouble doing that now, as she's taken the bold decision to shave off the long braids that helped to make her famous. In the music video accompanying her 2010 hit single 'Whip My Hair,' Will Smith's musically-minded daughter was shown executing some whiplash-inducing moves, and doing exactly what the song said on the tin. Pictures on the 11 year-old pop star's Who Say profile, though, show her with a newly-shaven head.
A photo posted on February 2, 2012 shows the youngster pouting into the camera and showing off the family resemblance, with a haircut that's not dissimilar to he father's close-cropped hair style. Prior to that, Willow had posted a black and white photo of her in a ballet studio, as well as another shot of her in action at the ballet studio, posted on January 13, 2012. On January 6, she had posted a photo of herself in a blonde and pink wavy wig, accompanied by the words "Thank you @nikkiminaj you're amazing." Presumably, the wig was a gift from Minaj (who is renowned for her huge collection of colourful hairpieces), who guested on her most recent single, 'Fireball.'
'Fireball' was released in October 2011 but failed to set the charts alight. Featuring Nicki Minaj and containing the lyrics "I'm the fireball of the party," it was the first of Willow's three singles that failed to make its mark on any chart, across the globe.