She's been nothing if not mature for her age since emerging into the music industry aged just nine years old, but Willow Smith, son of actor Will Smith is pushing people just a bit too far with this latest stylistic move as- just 11 years old - she posted a picture of herself on Instagram complete with her tongue pierced.

Smith junior first raised heads over her style when she shaved her head and started dying her new do. At that point, her dad came out in defence of her to Parade Magazine, saying in an interview "how can you teach her that you're in control of her body? If I teach her that I'm in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she's going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world . She has got to have command of her body . She is used to making those decisions herself. We try to keep giving them those decisions until they can hold the full weight of their lives."

We wonder what he'll think of this one though, which sees his daughter posing proudly with her friend. It's certainly caught the attention of Instagram with a fierce debate raging about whether the stud is real or not and a great many questions about whether she's too young to have got the accessory. We're holding our tongues.