Willow Smith "cuts up" her mother's clothes.

The 10-year-old singer loves to borrow items from actress Jada Pinkett Smith's wardrobe in order to customise them and wear herself, though she stays clear of designer items.

Jada said: "Willow is always taking my clothes. She'll go through my wardrobe and tell me what she doesn't like, or say, 'I want to take this to cut up.' She can sort of fit into my pants now. Everything she does is about adding a twist, cutting it up, adding colour.

"She's not into designer. The nearest she's got is a McQueen scarf a friend got her from a sample sale. She designs most of her stuff herself or wears vintage or high street and reworks it."

Jada - who also has 12-year-old son Jaden with husband Will Smith - also revealed her daughter has formed a close Bond with Lady GaGa over their eccentric senses of style.

She added: "Willow definitely gets style tips from Lady Gaga - you have to admit, when it comes to style, my daughter is blazing. She has a complete affinity for Gaga and she for her. It's a relationship between two artists."