Willie Nelson won't retire.

The 84-year-old singer - who lives on a Texas ranch with fourth wife Annie - insists he has no plans to hang up his guitar in the near future because he enjoys his quiet life.

Asked if he'd consider retiring, he said: ''What do you want me to quit? I just play music and a little golf and I don't wanna give up either one of those!''

The country singer's latest album, 'God's Problem Child', pokes fun at his advancing years in tracks such as 'Not Dead Yet' and he is happy to laugh at his mortality, especially because everything is going so well in his life.

He said: ''Oh, I don't know -- I've been killed several times throughout the years! And so I just thought I'd write something funny about it.''

''You remember one of those deep thinkers, a guy named Seneca? He said you should look at death and comedy with the same countenance. And I believe that...

''Everything's going good. I think age is just a number. I've heard it all my life: It's not how old you are, it's how you feel. And I've been lucky with [everything], health-wise and career-wise.

''I haven't really got anything to bitch about!''

Willie is an advocate for the legalisation of cannabis and has no plans to quit the drug himself as it helps him to relax and ''act like a grown-up''.

He explained on 'CBS Sunday Morning: ''For myself, it's good for me. It keeps me from going off and doing crazy things. I can relax and play some music and sit around and visit and act like a grown-up, I think.''

And the 'On the Road Again' hitmaker admits his past was ''wild and crazy'' but also a huge source of inspiration to him.

He recalled: ''They were wild and crazy. You know, I was going through one relationship after another, one divorce after another. And those things will make you write songs. If you're a songwriter, that's where you get your material, from all your headaches and heartaches.''