Pot smoker Willie Nelson is refusing to crackdown on his marijuana intake when he tours through his native Texas because he can afford the fines he's handed for breaking the state's strict possession laws.

The singer/songwriter has had several run-ins with police officers in the state but he's refusing to stop travelling with weed on his bus - and admits he often lights up as soon as he's released from custody.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They (police) mostly want autographs now. They don't really bother me anymore for the weed, because you can just bust me now and I'll pay my fine or go to jail, get out and burn one (joint) on the way home. They know they're not stopping me."

And, as officials in many U.S. states fight the ongoing trend to legalise medical marijuana, Nelson urges politicians to look at the way Israelis are dealing with the issue.

He adds, "(Medical) weed is legal in Israel - there's an old-folks home there, and all these old men were walking around with bongs and s**t... They got it figured out before we did."