Country singer Willie Nelson is taking his political views to American radio this week (ends1AUG03).

Nelson is an avid supporter of Democratic presidential hopeful DENNIS KUCINICH - and he plans to make it known to anyone who's willing to listen.

As his hit song ON THE ROAD AGAIN plays in the background, Nelson says in the brief spots, "Hey Iowa. This is Willie Nelson.

"I don't usually get too involved in politics, but I'm supporting congressman Dennis Kucinich for president. I know Dennis and I know he speaks up for heartland Americans who need a stronger voice."

The ads, paid for by KUCINICH FOR PRESIDENT, are running this week at several Iowa radio stations to promote a benefit concert that Nelson is playing for Kucinich in Des Moines on Labour Day (01SEP03).

Nelson also will be playing benefit concerts for Kucinich in Cleveland, Ohio, and Madison, Wisconsin.

31/07/2003 09:28