Willie Garson has a side project far removed from his appearances as camp STANFORD BLATCH on hit TV show SEX AND THE CITY - he advises the Jackass crew on their raucous stunts.

The bespectacled actor is good friends with Jackass guru Johnny Knoxville, and regularly gets together with the daredevil group to conjure up ideas for the latest death-defying pranks - although he refuses to take part in them himself.

He reveals, "Johnny's a good friend. I was invited to the white trash barbeque party for the premiere of the movie, so I have kind of been in the show.

"The main thing I do is sit around with the guys and come up with ideas for stunts. I don't want to be in any of them. The danger doesn't appeal to me. Someone else can break their bones and vomit."

12/09/2003 19:27