William Shatner had a lucky escape when his horse and buggy flipped over during a show in Kentucky.

The 'Star Trek' actor was competing at the Mercer County Fair & Horse Show in Harrodsburg when his horse reared up, flipping the cart over and tossing Shatner, 86, out.

TMZ reports that William did not require medical attention and he even went on to take first place.

Both he and his horse were uninjured in the incident.

Meanwhile, William recently admitted he feared he wouldn't be able to put his children through college when 'Star Trek' was cancelled.

The actor - who played James T. Kirk in the original television series - worried he wouldn't be able to give his children an education when the show was cancelled in 1969.

He said: ''It was devastating. It was all very comfortable by that point. This place that I come to every morning, leave in the evening and a cheque comes every week. And now you're taking it away from me? My five-year mission was to put my children through college!''

Reflecting on the series, he added: ''What worked best was the story and our characters' position in the story. What didn't work were many of the effects.

''As cheap as you think it looked, it was worse. I'd pull down the jersey and it would rip, the sets shook and the lights would wink on and off. It was very, very primitive by our standards now. But then, all that really mattered to me were the words, because a film story is done in close-up. And everything else is extraneous. I knew that the words would carry. They were wonderful.''