William Shatner returns to Broadway on Thursday (February 16, 2012), in the one-man show 'Shatner's World: We Just Live in it'. The production marks the legendary actor's first appearance on Broadway since 1961, when he starred in the comedy 'A Shot in the Dark', opposite Julie Harris and Walter Matthau, reports the Los Angeles Times.
The new show is focused around Shatner's often outlandish and oddball career choices, and a national tour will follow, starting at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood on March 10, 2012. Of course, the stage is nothing new to Shatner, who actually speaks of his time as a struggling New York theatre actor in the new show. He was once the understudy to Christopher Plummer in 'Henry V' at the Stratford Festival, and was relatively happy making ends-meet. He told the LA Times, "I was once a struggling New York stage actor with a resume consisting primarily of Shakespeare and stock theater in his native Canada.I was making $35 a week, and I was a big success as far as I was concerned.I didn't know anything else. I was following some intuition. I come from a very practical family. The idea of becoming an actor was so foreign". It wasn't too long after that Shatner landed the role of Capt. James T. Kirk in the Star Trek series, catapulting him to unprecedented levels of fame and making him a global star.
As if the Hollywood world needed another death at the moment, Shatner joked that the new show - in which he is on-stage for 100 minutes without a break - could finish him off, saying, "I was joking with somebody saying that people should come to the theater to see me because I may die on stage.I'm at the age where people are dying. So they can say that maybe he'll die and we'll see him dying".