William Shatner has invited bitter former Star Trek castmate George Takei to join him on his upcoming chat show - so they can sort out their differences on TV.
The Shatner/Takei feud erupted earlier this year (08) when Takei failed to invite his former Star Trek captain to his September (08) wedding, prompting Shatner to go public with his disappointment.
In a YouTube.com video, Shatner suggested Takei was suffering from a form of "psychosis" and admitted he had no idea what he had done to upset his one-time castmate.
Takei fired back, claiming Shatner had been invited to his nuptials - but didn't RSVP or attend the same sex ceremony.
Now, in a new YouTube.com video chat, Shatner insists the bickering has gone on long enough and he wants it to stop.
He says, "George has been mean to me for a long time... in public and I've never said anything... I wish he'd stop being mean to me.
"For me, there's no fight... I would like to (talk to him)... I'm not mad at him, I'm annoyed that he keeps saying bad things about me."
And Shatner has the perfect plan to end the feud - invite Takei on his new talk show, Raw Nerve, which debuts in America in December (08).
He adds, "I'll issue an invitation to George to come and talk to me."