William Shatner stunned American TV audiences on Wednesday night (03Nov10) when he belted out a spoken-word version of Cee-Lo Green's racy hit F**K YOU uncensored.
The former Star Trek captain poked fun at the censorship surrounding his new TV comedy S**t My Dad Says by teaming up with comedian George Lopez's house band to perform the risque tune on Lopez Tonight!
Introducing the song, he told the host, "We talk about words you can't say (on TV), I'm gonna say it. I have a song and I'm just gonna say the word."
Censors bleeped out the swear words in the song, but cameras stayed close on Shatner's face and it was clear what he was saying.
Shatner isn't the only actor tackling the song on TV - Gwyneth Paltrow will perform the cleaned-up version on Glee.