William Shatner claims that the producers of the upcoming Star Trek movie are so determined to keep the plot under wraps that even his friend Leonard Nimoy, who, unlike Shatner, has a cameo role in the movie, won't tell him what it's about. In an interview with the syndicated The Insider TV gossip show., Shatner said, "[He] is maybe my dearest friend, so I'm so happy for him -- but he wouldn't tell me what the plot was.". About not being asked to participate in the film, the former Captain James T. Kirk said, "It's peculiar, and I'm sad about it, but that's the way they did it." Nevertheless, Shatner indicated that he is anxious to see whether the movie can achieve success given its reported $150-160-million budget. He noted that the earlier Star Trek movies "peaked out at anywhere between $80-100 million in box office grosses. ... so they've got to make four times that" to become profitable, he said.