STAR TREK star William Shatner has included a heartfelt new song about the drowning death of his wife on his new album HAS BEEN.

The actor admits he had to think twice about including the deeply personal song WHAT HAVE YOU DONE he wrote with collaborator Ben Folds, on the disc.

But he explains he chose to release the song because he thought it was important for his friends and family members to know how he feels about his wife Nerine Kidd's 1999 death.

He says, "I wanted to tell even my kids, with whom I've never sat down and said, 'This is what happened and how I feel,' about this subject.

"They know I'm looking at death and pondering what's beyond our existence here. I knew I would never perform the song, but I included it because I wanted to explains it to the people I love."

03/10/2004 21:11