Bosses at Madame Tussauds in London have removed a waxwork model of embattled U.K. Tv star Bill Roache after the figure was attacked by visitors.

The veteran Coronation Street actor was charged with two counts of rape earlier this month (May13), relating to allegations involving a teenage girl in 1967, and in the wake of the scandal, many visitors have lodged complaints over the waxwork's continued display.

The model of Roache's character Ken Barlow, who he has played on the soap since 1960, is usually placed in a mock-up of the series' pub the Rovers Return at the famous London attraction - but it has been removed after several visitors staged "inappropriate photos" with it.

A spokesperson for the museum said, "The model has been used for what we regard as inappropriate pictures, it has been attacked and some people said it should not be there.

"Ken Barlow has been removed for his own safety. It was a hard decision because he is a character in a moment of time but the British public does not always make that distinction.

"We are not taking a moral judgement but these models cost a lot. We can't have the public manhandling them."

Roache is due in court to face the charges, which he has vehemently denied, on Tuesday (14May13).