CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION star and producer William Petersen is considering quitting the show next year (05).

The TV star, who plays forensics expert GIL GRISSOM in the hit show, admits he may walk away from the series when his contract expires.

He says, "I'll do CSI until I legally don't have to do it anymore, which I think is at the end of next year (05). Right now, that's as long as I can foresee doing this show."

And Petersen admits one thing he won't miss when he leaves the show is the crazy fans who send him spiders through the post.

He explains, "There are people who are obsessed. I have this one girl in Germany who sends me tarantula items. I just got a tarantula clock from her. It's relatively harmless.

"I've sent her thank yous, but you've got to be careful. I pretty much have all the mail done by CBS (TV network) now."

20/02/2004 02:47