Fox News Channel is cutting its ties with Kiran Chetry, who joined the cable news outlet six years ago as news update and weekend anchor -- because it is miffed with her agent. TVNewser ran the text of a letter sent by legal VP Dianne Brandi to Chetry's agent, John Ferriter of the William Morris Agency, saying that it is terminating negotiations with the agent and that Chetry is free to leave "with no further compensation." In the letter Brandi lashes out at Ferriter in terms that are likely unprecedented between an entertainment company and a major talent agency. "You have treated Fox News with such arrogant disregard that we do not desire to do any further business with you," she wrote. "You refused to enter into good faith negotiations despite your client's statements that she wanted to remain at Fox News and was happy with the remuneration we had offered." The letter concludes: "We had hoped that Ms. Chetry would have a bright future with the Fox News Channel, however this negotiation has now become more trouble than it is worth."