A sequel to the violent crime thriller and Oscar contender THE DEPARTED is reportedly in the works, even though the film's main characters are all dead. The film's writer William Monahan has already started work on the new movie, which would focus on the rogue police officer played by Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg, who is up for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in the 2006 thriller, will team up with Robert De Niro in the sequel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. However, any follow-up to the blockbuster movie, which also starred Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon, would need approval by the film's director Martin Scorsese. The movie, itself a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, which spawned two sequels, has been nominated for five Academy Awards at this year's ceremony (25FEB07) - including Best Picture and Best Director.