Tom Cruise's acting cousin William Mapother had a tough break when he landed his first movie role opposite his relative in Born On The 4th Of July - because no one could pronounce his surname.
The marine who trained the Lost star, Cruise and their castmates before filming started insisted on calling Mapother "Motherf**ker" - and the nickname stuck.
He tells WENN, "He looked at my name on the list and he couldn't pronounce it, so he said, 'I can't say that. I'm just gonna call you Motherf**ker!' So my character's name in the movie is Motherf**ker.
"When we go charging the village early in the movie in the Vietnam sequence, Tom (Cruise) calls after some characters and he shouts, 'Tom, DICk, Harry, Motherf**ker, follow me!' The bar was set pretty low right there."