The Fargo star's dad brought the critter home one evening and MACy adopted it, calling his wild pet Mike.

"Somebody owed him (dad) money and he traded it for a '36 Buick and a raccoon," the actor told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Friday night (18Nov16), "and he bought Mike home and it was a cool pet, except when there was food around."

But MACy's friendship with Mike ended tragically: "One time we were having a party and a little bird fell out of a nest and Mike saw it at the same time that our friend Johnny MCFarland saw it and that was bad; Johnny had to go to the hospital. The raccoon just tore him up.

"And then I was walking Mike on a leash and he got in the garbage and my parents said, 'Pull him out of the garbage', and I just choked up on the chain too much; I didn't see him bite me. That was the end of Mike."

The actor still has the scar from Mike's bite on his hand.