Acclaimed actor William H Macy is distraught with his current movie success - because it's preventing him from spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Macy is currently in Montreal, Canada, filming TV movie THE WOOL CAP, on which he serves as co-producer, writer and star.

At the same time, he is also making preparations to fly to Morocco as soon as possible to join the team filming SAHARA with Matthew Mcconaughey, PENELOPE CRUZ and Steve Zahn.

And while he's happy to be busy with work, Macy is upset he'll be away from his wife Felicity Huffman and their daughters SOFIA Grace and GEORGIA GRACE, aged four and two respectively.

He says, "This truly sucks. It's the first time since either of them were born that I've been out of town for this long.

"In this next stretch I'll not see them for several weeks. It's terrible."

24/03/2004 02:12