William H Macy has vowed to steer clear of a particular restaurant after their daughter vomited all over the buffet - and in his wife Felicity Huffman's mouth.

The screen stars, parents of SOFIA Grace, four, and two-year-old GEORGIA GRACE, found their smugness as parents of healthy children quickly faded when they visited a restaurant chain.

Huffman says, "Sofia wasn't getting any colds and we were like, 'We're such good parents! Look, she's not sick and everyone else is sick.'

"Every Sunday we'd go out to breakfast and there was a buffet and she loved it. She was about a year-and-a-half old and I had her in my arms. She was picking things and putting them on the plate and she dropped one of those little pieces of corn. It went on the floor and I went, 'Oh, I'll get it.'

"I was leaning down and Sofia vomited all over the buffet and I was going, 'Oh no!' I reached down again to kinda get her blanket and stuff and I looked up and she vomited in my mouth So we haven't been back to MARIE CALLENDER'S since."

01/12/2004 09:36