FARGO star William H Macy was so worried about doing nude scenes for an upcoming film, he insisted on meeting his co-star prior to filming.

In upcoming movie The Cooler, Macy, 53, was required to get intimate with much-younger co-star Maria Bello, 36, and found it hard to approach the daunting task.

He admits, "I was scared to death."

But Macy - who has been trying to prevent himself being typecast as a misfit or loser in his new projects - is delighted he agreed to star as the outsider in the offbeat romance.

He adds, "I'm the luckiest palooka, but I did play a lot of misfits and losers, and I had just had a conversation with my agent that I don't want to play that role anymore.

"But then I read this script and I thought this is such a delicious loser, this is biblical, this is taking it to operatic proportions, I've got to play this one. And I got the girl. Ain't that swell?"

08/12/2003 21:16