FARGO star William H Macy has hit back at censors who insisted on cutting back his first big screen love scene - because it featured too much pubic hair.

The actor feared censors would balk at violent scenes in new movie THE COOLER featuring co-star Alec Baldwin using a lead pipe to beat up a character, but instead they picked on a "harmless" love scene between Macy's character and his onscreen girlfriend, Maria Bello.

He exclaims, "They would not get past that. It's OK for Alec to take a lead pipe and smash a guy's kneecaps, but pubic hair that's obscene. America's got to come to grips - somebody's got to stand up and say, 'Sex is good.'"

Macy was also surprised that one scene featuring his genitals wasn't cut - but thinks that's down to co-star Bello's big hands.

He adds, "You don't really see it. She's got huge hands. She can palm a basketball."

28/10/2003 02:19