William H Macy has volunteered to be an ambassador for Los Angeles, because he is sick of the city's bad reputation.

Despite many stars' claims LA is an undesirable place to live, the Fargo actor loves his southern California life.

He says, "I love it here! I used to say I lived in Los Angeles like I was admitting to child molestation or something."

The SEABISCUIT actor and his wife, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Felicity Huffman, live in the Hollywood Hills with their two young daughters.

He adds, "The great thing about living in Los Angeles is that it's not like a big city, we live up in the hills.

"What I've noticed is that when people get a great place in New York (City), they say, 'It's so New York!', but when people get a great place in LA they're like, 'It's not like living in LA at all!'

"We have a magnificent, lovely life here. I love it and I'm tired of apologising about it."