His wife Chynna Phillips' birthday falls on 12 February, two days before the most romantic day of the year, and he once decided to incorporate the two big celebrations with a day packed with fun things.

But now the Backdraft star fears that was his best romantic gesture - and he'll never be able to better it.

"I served her breakfast in bed and there was was a card that said 'Number One' on it and it instructed her where to go, and then she went to the gym with her trainer and when she was done he gave her number two," he tells Access Hollywood Live.

The treats throughout the day then included a massage, a shopping spree and lunch with her best friends and the day ended with a little quality time with her husband.

"It culminated in number 10... I don't think I can go all the way there...! She likes all those surprises."

Asked what his Valentine's Day treat was that year, Baldwin joked, "Number 10!"