The romantic actor convinced his then-girlfriend Chynna Phillips to join him at pal Oliver Platt's annual Christmas party at The Carlyle Hotel in New York - but there was no bash.

"We knock on the door and nobody answers because it's not Oliver Platt's party," he told Access Hollywood Live. "The door was ajar and she walks in and it was an apartment in the Carlyle that was exploding with 40/50 bouquets of white roses and hundreds of white candles... and about 80 Vera Wang wedding dresses.

"Vera's store was on the ground floor of the Carlyle. They literally closed at five o'clock, went out into the service elevator, went up to the 32nd floor and unloaded the entire store into my suite... We spent the next two days ordering room service and trying on wedding dresses."

The big gesture worked - singer Chynna said yes and she and Billy wed in 1995.

And the romance didn't stop there - Baldwin revealed he always plans a big Valentine's Day for his wife, who celebrates her birthday two days before the most romantic day of the year.

One year he made her breakfast in bed and handed her a card with an instruction to go to the gym. Billy had set up a session with her trainer to get her set for a day of surprises he had arranged.

"The card said 'Number One' on it and it instructed her where to go, and then she went to the gym with her trainer and when she was done he gave her number two," he explained.

The treats throughout the day then included a massage, a shopping spree and lunch with her best friends. The day ended with a little quality time with her husband.

"It culminated in number 10... I don't think I can go all the way there...!"