The Usual Suspects star has been an outspoken supporter of the property mogul-turned-politician, and has made it clear he will be voting for the Republican when Americans go to the polls on 8 November (16).

Stephen has been using Twitter to share his comments on the ongoing election coverage, but one post on 9 October (16), which referenced the acting family's patriarch, Alexander Baldwin Jr. and CNN broadcaster Anderson Cooper, didn't sit well with his older brother Billy.

"If my father were alive today (a veteran) He would be ashamed & disgusted of media biased (sic) & manipulation by people like @andersoncooper," he tweeted.

Flatliners actor Billy criticised his sibling, 50, for the post, and replied with a pointed comment about their dad, who died in 1983.

"If our father were alive today ... he'd smack you in the side of the head for supporting Donald Trump," the 53-year-old remarked.

Their dispute remained low-key until it hit headlines on Thursday (27Oct16), prompting Billy to return to Twitter on Friday (28Oct16) to insist there was no love lost between the brothers.

"BTW (by the way)... love Bro Stephen," he wrote. "Just KNOW our father would never support the politics of or a man like Donald Trump... EVER (sic)."

Another Baldwin brother, Alec, has been making light of the political battle between Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by impersonating the billionaire businessman and reality TV star on U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live.

The 30 Rock star's imitation has become a big hit with viewers and critics alike, but Stephen Baldwin recently insisted the election is no laughing matter.

"I don't think there's anything very funny about this election," he told reporters while attending last week's (ends21Oct16) presidential debate in Las Vegas. "We have never had this much stagnation in our economy in God knows how long... but there's no fooling around anymore."