William Baldwin is begging fans to save his struggling U.S. TV show DIRTY SEXY MONEY - amid fears the show faces cancellation.
The actor appealed to American TV audiences on Tuesday (09Dec08), appearing on morning chat show Today and admitting the series is in turmoil after network bosses announced other ABC shows would soon be pulled from the air.
He said, "I think between the writers strike, (which) definitely hurt television, the economy going south, and then Wall Street collapsing, the networks are in full retreat mode."
Urging fans to take action, he added, "ABC has, I believe, cancelled Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. And Pushing Daisies has 12 Emmy nominations. Our show is in trouble and if you're a fan of the show I really encourage you to watch the next couple of weeks and I would say go to ABC.com and click on Dirty Sexy Money.
"There's a place where you can send an email to the executives at ABC if you want - not boycott and protest, but if you want to support the show and demonstrate your love, I encourage people to do that."