Trained opera singer-turned-reality TV star Willa Ford is glad she gave up on a career as a pop singer - because she'd be just another Hollywood party girl if she stuck at it. The former girlfriend of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter tasted pop success in 2001 when her cheeky single I WANNA BE BAD became a nightclub favourite across America, but she soon grew tired of being told she couldn't sing songs she'd written, and she turned her back on pop. And now the star of US TV reality hit Dancing With The Stars is happy she made the decision to walk away - because she wouldn't have wanted to become another party girl like Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. The model tells men's magazine Maxim, "I'd have gone a little crazy like everybody else. Look at Britney. Look at Jessica. No offence, but a lot of the girls who look like me and continue to put records out are doing horribly. "What you'll find with most of those girls when you talk to them is that they don't know who they are... I knew who I was. "When you see me in the tabloids, it's for something I've accomplished, not because I was stumbling out of Hyde (club) drunk or smacking someone in a club. That's not the career I want. You don't see Angelina Jolie hitting someone in a bar."