British singer Will Young spent years rewatching the moment he won 2002 reality TV show Pop Idol - because he "couldn't believe" he had triumphed in Simon Cowell's singing contest.
The Leave Right Now hitmaker fought off tough competition to win the U.K. talent show and has gone on to release four albums and a greatest hits compilation in Britain.
But despite his success, Young kept watching his tapes of the series - to remind him of his journey from singing wannabe to fully-fledged pop star.
He tells America's Instinct magazine, "I'm not mortified, I love them (the Pop Idol tapes). Weirdly, for like the two years after the show I actually watched them a lot because I couldn't believe that I'd got a record deal.
"I couldn't believe it was actually going on. I had to look at it and remind myself that it had actually happened."