British pop singer Will Young is ready to become a movie star, after making a sensational debut in new film MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS.

The STEPHEN FREARS-directed movie isn't due for release until later this year (05), but talent show winner Young was recently given a glowing review from his co-star DAME Judi Dench, who described his performance as "ace".

And Young now claims he has fallen in love with acting.

He says, "In the two and a half months I didn't have one bad day at work, which is amazing.

"I always have bad days, but it just goes to show how much I enjoyed it.

"When Dame Judi said I was ace that knocked me over. She's a pleasure and having that sort of praise from someone of her standing is unbelievable.

"I just sat there and thought 'life doesn't get much better'.

"I'll definitely do more acting, it was a real joy."

05/01/2005 13:39